• Football in Shanghai

    Shanghai Reunited is a football club in the prestigious Shanghai International Football League, the most competitive amateur league in Shanghai and perhaps the finest in Asia. We pride ourselves on being Shanghai’s most international football team with players from over 30 countries. This and our brilliant team spirit is what make the club special.

    The club was formed in 2006 and its growth and popularity meant the opening of a second team, Shanghai 3United. If you love football then this is the place for you. There is the opportunity to play three times a week with a 7-a-side league on Mondays, training on Wednesdays and matches on the Saturday.

    We would not swap our team spirit for anyone else’s. We hang out every week (particularly after the weekend games) and our fantastic sponsor The Park Tavern is our favourite destination to drink and celebrate at. The club will give you a ready made Shanghai social life as well as satisfying all your football wants.

    We welcome players of all ages and nationalities and with a team in each division of the Shanghai International Football League it is likely we will find a place for you. We only ask that you love football and are ready for a competitive challenge!