Several of our players work as football coaches in the best known football schools in Shanghai. Therefore at the beginning of the 2016/2017 season the club opened its own youth team, which has so far been a great success.

In essence, what we offer to our U19 players is to:

– receive high-quality training by our experienced coaches,
– have the chance to play football 3 times a week,
– have the chance to be selected to play on a competitive adult level and further improve their skills,
– and last, but certainly not least: to participate in the great friendship of our club and be a part of the big ReUnited family, which goes much further than what we do on the football pitch

The U19 is a stepping stone for new players to our regular teams and greatly contributes to our club’s team spirit and diversity.

The Concept

All U19 players enjoy as a standard the following sessions throughout the season, which are exclusively organized for the U19 team:

– 2 hours training session with coach, weekly all year-round apart from official holidays (usually Wednesday late afternoon or evening, usually before or on adjacent pitch with the regular teams)
– 1 hour Monday league game, weekly all year-round apart from official holidays (7 aside; evening time)
– 90-min 11 aside games on weekends, following the league schedule (11 aside; timing dependent on schedule)
– Friendly game on weekends when there is no other game scheduled (based on availability of players)

In addition to that, based on the assessment by the coaches, players have the chance to be selected to one of the regular teams for their SIFL league (Saturday) or Monday league matches. Selection to the regular team is being done based on performance only, but any playing time with the regular teams is included in the normal annual fee.

All U19 players receive a complete club kit, including home and away jersey sets, socks, plus a personalized bag and ReUnited hoodie. If you are interested to join our youth program or want to receive some more information, send us an email to contact(at)